Prayer Calendar

Prayer in a Time of Transition

Beginning in August 2018, there will be a congregation of the Montana Region, congregation of the Northwest Region, or a related issue held up in prayer each week for seventeen months.  Find this week's focus here, in your email inbox, Facebook, and Twitter.  Help us pray together, for one another, in hope while we transition into becoming one.

Week 37 | April 7-13

United Church of Moscow, Moscow, ID
Founded in 1888

Rev. Jodie Tooley, Pastor
123 West First St.
Moscow, ID 83843

The United Church of Moscow is a marriage of Moscow's long-past Disciples' and American Baptist congregations, established decades earlier. We became one faith family in the 1960s, striving to love one another, since.

Our small but mighty community is learning about wonder and compassion. We strive for justice and care for the earth and each other.

Please pray that The United Church will move in life giving directions, and that we will discover more and better ways to serve in our neighborhood.







Week 36 | March 31- April 6

First Christian Church, Missoula, MT
Founded in 1888

Rev. Alan Hilberg, Pastor
2701 S. Russell Street
Missoula, MT 59801

Our congregation is one that is aging, but, not without spirit and support for ministry. It is our hope that we can continue to be meaningful in our outreach as we strive to include ALL people within our community of faith.

Prayers for our continuing presence in ministry here in Missoula, Montana are appreciated.

Week 35 | March 24-30

United Christian Church, Miles City, MT
A merged congregation formed in 1998


Pastors: Rev. Bob Thaden,
Rev. Amber Richardson,
and Dixie Rieger
1006 S Strevell
Miles City, MT 59301


United Christian Church, Miles City, is the result of the merging of First Christian Church (Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Highland Park Congregational Church (United Church of Christ). We are a small group of very committed people who work for justice around the world and in our own community. We are proud of Share the Love Used Bookstore through which we donate half the income to local charities such as the food bank and soup kitchen.

We would like to be prayed for that we can continue serving this community and that we can grow in Christ.


Week 34 | March 17-23

Korean Crystal Christian Church, Everett, WA
Formed in 2004 - Chartered in 2014

Korean Crystal Christian Church worships in rented space in Everett, WA. They are currently seeking a new place to rent as the Independent Christian Church where they have nested is no longer available to them. Their pastor, Rev. Dr. Youn Su Nam, is currently serving as the President of the Korean Convocation within NAPAD (North American Pacific Asian Disciples). 

Prayer Concerns: That they find a new home and for wisdom and guidance in their future ministry. 

Week 33 | March 10-16

First Christian Church, Longview, WA
Founded in 1928

2000 E Kessler Blvd
Longview, WA 98632

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In many ways, the history of First Christian Church in Longview, WA parallels the founding of the city of Longview itself. The city is named after R. A. Long, a devoted Disciples of Christ member from Kansas City, MO. Mr. Long moved to the area in the 1920s to start a lumber mill which helped attract thousands of residents. Using private funds, he helped develop the city and donated tracts of lands for community buildings, schools and churches. Following Disciples' teachings, he helped found an ecumenical congregation, Longview Community Church. In 1928, Disciples of Christ members of the Community Church longed for a church that would reflect Disciples specific teachings. Though he did not become a member, R. A. Long donated the property for the new First Christian Church which is where it continues to be today, 90 years later. 

Today the First Christian congregation is facing a moment of decision as they consider their future. The church property which comprises two separate buildings, a fellowship hall and the historic sanctuary, is currently on the market and they are seeking a buyer. When that happens, they will consider the options for the next chapter in the life and legacy of First Christian Church. 

Please pray for courage for the moment in which they find themselves, vision for the future, and trust in the God who walks beside them.

Week 32 | March 3-9

Lacey Community Church, Lacey, WA

Lacey Community Church is a combined congregation of the Disciples of Christ and the Church of the Brethren. With God at the center, the people of the Lacey Community Church identify meaningful worship, genuine fellowship, creativity, artistry, spiritual formation and a passion for justice as common threads in their Christian community.

In September Lacey Community Church sold their building and is now worshiping at an individuals home. Please pray that Lacey Community Church continue to be faithful to God’s Call.

Week 31 | February 24- March 2

Lake Washington Christian, Kirkland, WA
Founded in 1984

Rev. Kara Markell, Pastor
343 - 15th Ave
Kirkland, WA 98033

Lake Washington Christian Church is a community of people called together by God’s grace to nurture faith and spiritual growth, to be faithful stewards of God’s creation, and to promote and work for social justice locally and globally.

Please pray for our ongoing witness to God's love and our growing relationships in the community.


Week 30 | February 17-23

Week of Compassion Offering

Week of Compassion, through its partnerships, responds to human needs around the world. Disciples bring hope to situations of natural disaster, war and famine, more efficiently than ever before thanks to the faithful gifts of local congregations. 

Please be in prayer both for those who will give to this important offering, and for the ways these gifts will be used to equip and empower disciples to alleviate the suffering of others through disaster response, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and the promotion of mission opportunities.







Week 29 | February 10-16

General Board Meeting- Indianapolis, IN

As the General Board meets they will vote upon the Resolution to Create a New Region between the Northwest and the Montana Regions.

We pray for all those gathered, the regions and congregations they represent, and the business before them for consideration.


Week 28 | February 3-9

First Christian Church- Kent, WA

11717 SE 240th
Kent, WA 98030
(253) 852-1930
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First Christian Church of Kent, WA originally formed as a home church in 1907. We purchased our first building in 1915. Currently we the midst of a pastoral transition. In January, Rev. Eyde Mabanglo is finishing as our transitional pastor and we just called our new settled pastor Rev. Colin McRaney who we will be starting in March. We as for prayer for both of these pastors and their transitions to new ministries.

We also ask for prayers that our church's heart for the needs of the community continue to be revealed.




Week 27 | January 27- February 2

Samoan Congregational Christian Church

Rev. Hector Puono
Worshiping at the Federal Way Senior Center

Samoan Congregational in Kent was our first Samoan congregation in the Northwest Region. Founding pastor, Paulo Lailatafea, led them through the affiliation process to becoming a fully chartered congregation in 2009. Recently, they have purchased their first property and are currently making plans to purchase additional property on which they hope to build their church building. In 2017, Pastor Paulo, left the congregation to return to Samoa. In 2018 the congregation welcomed their current pastor, Rev. Hector Puono, and are continuing to build the congregation.

We pray for a fruitful ministry between the congregation and their new pastor and continued growth as they seek to plant roots in a new building in the near future.

Week 26 | January 20-26

First Christian Church - Kennewick, WA

Rev. Matthew Keith- Pastor
1921 S. Olympia
Kennewick, WA  99338
(509) 586-2101
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At Kennewick Christian Church our mission is “Connecting people with Jesus, sharing life together, and celebrating God’s amazing grace.”  We worship at the crossroads of a culturally and economically diverse neighborhood, sharing in three congregations with multiple languages and styles as we gather at the Lord’s Table together.  Our faith community is more than 110 years old, yet constantly becoming new as we grow in ministry together.

Please pray for continuing vision as we strive to build connections in our community to share God’s grace.







Week 25 | January 13-19

Central Christian Church - Kalispell, MT

248 2nd Ave E
Kalispell, MT 59903

Central Christian Church is a church in Kalispell, Montana. Here at Central Christian Church, we care and reach out to one another. The church community provides comfort and support, and pray regularly for others and the needs of the world. We provide opportunities for worship and spiritual nourishment.

We welcome prayers for us as we proceed through the search and call process to find a new pastor.














Week 24 | January 6-12

Joliet Christian Church - Joliet, MT

Rev. John Keener, Pastor
101 First Street
Joliet, MT 59041

Joliet Christian Church began as the outcome of a revival in 1908, and officially became a congregation in October of 1908 . . . 110 years of ministry in the community and surrounding area. We are a small rural congregation that strives to be an inclusive faith community while emphasizing outreach within and beyond of Joliet. In the region we are known as the “singing church”.  

We welcome prayers for us as we explore starting a summer lunch program for children in our community who may be at risk of going hungry during the summer school break.





Week 23 | December 30- January 5

Missiongathering Church - Issaquah, WA

Rev. Brian Carr Planting/Lead Pastor
2550 NE Park Drive
Issaquah, WA 98029

We are a progressive new church start in the region (we officially launched on October 21st, 2018) that is committed to living out God's call of radical and inclusive love. Our mission is to create a church that allows for people of all backgrounds, experiences, and identities to grow in their faith and practice their spirituality while reminding them that they are created in the image of God. We also respond actively to God's call for justice in our world, and the challenge of making the Kingdom of God a reality on earth. We are proud to be a part of the Disciples denomination and this region, and are committed to bringing about wholeness in a fragmented world.

We would love prayer for our community as we seek stability and growth as a new church. We also want prayer that our message of love and inclusion reaches the people who need to hear it the most.




Week 22 | December 23-29

Our finest gifts support the work of regional ministries this Christmas. Your regional ministry works to:

  • Connect congregations to each other
  • Foster faith development
  • Gather Disciples in camps, conferences, and assemblies
  • Nurture the development of a new generation of pastors
  • Interpret the global mission of the Church
  • Represent the Church in ecumenical gatherings
  • Counsel and pray with those who are troubled of spirit
  • Lead the Church to address racism
  • Support for Search and Call, conflict management, and time of transition in congregations
  • Mission projects, service and giving
  • Disciples Women network

Please be in prayer both for those who will give to this important offering, and for the ways these gifts will be used to support our region.

Week 21 | December 16-22

First Christian Church - Helena, MT
Rev. Dana Keener, Pastor
2311 Power Street
Helena, MT 59601


First Christian Church in Helena has been worshiping at 311 Power Street since 1885. Located close to the downtown we seek ways to connect with our neighborhood, to reach out, to open and make broader use of our building and to serve as Christ calls. 

We welcome prayers for our leadership, the whole congregation and our community partners as we work together to be a light in and around Helena.













Week 20 | December 9-15

First Christian Church, Hamilton, MT

Dan Dixon,Supply Pastor
John Brock, Supply Pastor
Wendy Campbell, Lay Leader
Diana Kostecki, Moderator and Supply Pastor as needed
328 Fairgrounds Road
Hamilton, MT 59840


The First Christian Church operates under the care of supply pastors, a local commissioned lay leader and a local moderator. Located next door to the Hamilton High School, we serve hot chocolate before school on Thursdays and are set up as a neutral safe space for the school student body for student led or emergency events.

We, along with the Center for Spiritual Life group that rents our building, join together to provide community meals working with other churches in the area. Our presence in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley and Hamilton began in 1895. Since that time, the church location has changed as the congregation's needs changed and land became available. Presently, the church is located on a large parcel, part of which we are putting up for sale.

We seek your prayers for wisdom in the sale of extra land we own, guidance for management of the money this will generate, and especially clarity and unity of vision for our ministry here in the Bitterroot Valley.

Week 19 | December 2-8

Central Christian Church, Great Falls, MT

Ron Greene, Pastor
1025 Central Avenue,
Great Falls, MT 59401
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Founded in 1903

Vision Statement: “To be an inclusive people living God’s radical love that challenges all to grow in faith and mission.”
We have grown in faith led by the Elders who meet for breakfast every Sunday and pray for the needs of the people.
We have grown in mission as the number one congregation in the Great Falls CROP Walk for the last four years and in the ministry of our Lydia women’s group recognized church-wide for their Blessing Box outreach.

Please pray for us as we continue to become an inclusive people and discern our mission in the community after we dropped our Wednesday community meal.






Week 18 | November 25- December 1

Our Common Ground

Luke Sumner, Pastor
2624 Rockefeller Ave,
Everett, WA 98201

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Our Common Table in Everett, WA began as a new church start in January, 2015. Funding came from a bequest from the former Edmonds Christian Church that had closed its ministry but wanted to leave a legacy in the form of a new congregation for a new time.

Our Common Ground, a ministry with people living outside, grew out of Our Common Table and has taken on a life and community of its own. Recently, Rebecca Sumner, pastor of Our Common Table, and the members of the congregation made the decision to move in the direction of a less formal house church/fellowship group and become community, rather than paid staff, led.

In the meantime, Our Common Ground is continuing its ministry under the leadership of Pastor Luke Sumner, and is exploring what church might look like for neighbors living outside.

They ask for prayers, vision and wisdom as they continuing discerning God's way forward for their life and ministry.

Week 17 | November 18-24

Thanksgiving Offering

This week our Regional Prayer Calendar focus centers on the Thanksgiving Offering. From the very beginnings of the movement, Disciples have founded institutions of higher learning, encouraging students in their intellectual pursuits. 

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is still committed to higher education. Currently, over 50,000 students attend our fourteen Disciples related colleges and universities or seven seminaries and divinity houses. And in the past twelve months, over 12,000 students have graduated from these fine schools.  
This November, Disciples churches across the US and Canada will collect the Thanksgiving offering. Your gift to the Thanksgiving offering helps to support the work of our institutions of higher learning in many ways: financially supporting Disciples related schools, providing undergraduate scholarships and support for spiritual life offices, and providing scholarships and support for those pursuing theological education.  

Please be in prayer both for those who will give to this important offering, and for the ways these gifts will be used to as Disciples continue our legacy of supporting education and our institutions of higher learning.


Week 16 | November 11-17

Rev. Heesook Yoo, Rev. Jong Hong and the Hong FamilyMannam Korean Church, Everett, WA

Pastor Jong Hong
915 Elgin Way
Everett, WA 98208
Phone: (425) 773-7743

Mannam Korean Church was a new church-in-formation and chartered in 1998. The region celebrated this charter (belatedly) at the Regional Assembly in 2012. Serving the community of Everett, Mannam Korean Church are among those congregations serving a broad Asian and Pacific Islands population that is growing region-wide. Pastor Jong Hong and the congregation recently supported the In-Care process of one of their own seeking ordination- Rev. Heesook Yoo was ordained into Christian ministry July 14, 2018.

Please pray that this community of faith continues to serve Everett and the wider region with its spirit of hope and dedication.

Week 15 | November 4-10

Memorial Christian Church, Ephrata, WA

Rev. Ron Dunn, Pastor
453 E. Division Avenue
Ephrata, WA 98823
(509) 754-3291
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​A community with a proud history, Memorial Christian Church is located in Ephrata, Washington. It was organized in September 1946 following the conclusion of World War II. 

The building itself began as a military chapel during wartime, grew steadily following the war's conclusion, and was purchased from the government in the Spring of 1947. Transporting the chapel from the Army Air Base near Ephrata was undertaken by members and community volunteers. It was set upon a foundation at the top of the hill on Division Street and remains there today. In 1947 the "neighborhood" around this location was primarily sagebrush, leaving the building highly visible from the downtown area. Members believed the location could be likened to the biblical reference from Matthew 5:14-15 which states, "You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid." 

In the years since, the church has ministered to countless numbers of people.This friendly and welcoming congregation gives grateful thanks to God for the 70 years of its ministry.

Please pray for continued guidance and growth in the years ahead.

Week 14 | October 28- November 3

Northwest Regional Board Meeting

PO Box 23819
Federal Way, WA 98093
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The Board of Directors of the Northwest Regional Christian Church is comprised of fourteen members from congregations around the region. The current board was elected at the Regional Assembly in May at FCC Sumner and FCC Puyallup.

On November 3, 2018 the board will be meeting in Puyallup for their first face-to-face meeting since the assembly. Much has been happening in the region since May and even more will be happening in next year.
The board will be considering the 2019 budget proposal that the finance committee has prepared. Also on their agenda will be reviewing the Resolution for the General Assembly of 2019 that will present the creation of a new region as approved at the Regional Assemblies of the NW Region and the Montana Region.

The regional Undesignated Income Policy will be reviewed in light of recent memorial monies received and how those gifts might be best utilized. Also, to be considered will be a proposal for a well-earned sabbatical for our Regional Minister, Rev. Sandy Messick.

With the regular business of the region and the work related to the creation of a new region, the board will undoubtedly be kept busy in the upcoming year.

We ask for your ongoing prayers, as we seek the Good Lord’s guidance and strength as we meet, plan and decide on the ongoing business of the region.


Week 13 | October 21-27

Creston Christian Church - Creston, WA

110 NE Foster
Creston, WA 99117
Pastor Guy Schmielau
(509) 636-2761
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Creston Christian Church was founded in 1909, and is lovingly known as, “The little Church in the wheat fields.”

As we strive to faithfully and joyfully serve Christ Jesus, we are committed to the following goals:


  • Fully “live out” our Vision Statement as we celebrate God’s love in our lives.
  • Encourage worship, prayer, Bible studies, fellowship, and service in our congregation.
  • Promote spiritual growth as we acknowledge the gifts and fruits given us by the Holy Spirit.
  • Seek ways to balance stewardship, mission, and outreach.
  • Work at becoming more visible in our community as we all share in the challenges that face us.
  • Build a bridge of concern and commitment to our local youth.
  • Promote the love of Christ Jesus through our ecumenical relations, locally and globally.
  • Establish our Church building as a safe and usable facility, welcoming to all.

We ask for your ongoing prayers, as we seek the Good Lord’s guidance and strength.


Week 12 | October 14-20

First Christian Church - Clarkston, WA

840 10th Street
Clarkston, WA 99403
Rev. David L. Carringer

First Christian Church was founded in March 1899. We are a strong and vital congregation who Learn Christ, Love Christ and Live Christ trying to serve God in all we do. We feed the hungry, house the homeless, visit the sick and pray for the prisoners.

Please prayer for God to strengthen and guide us in our ministry.






Week 11 | October 7-13

Chelan Christian Church - Chelan, WA

210 E Wapato Avenue
Chelan, WA 98816
Pastor Mark Wilton

Chelan Christian Church was founded in January of 1909 and the church building is over 100 years old. We are a small but faithful congregation made up mostly of long time residences of Chelan who have grown up together in this church. Many attending high school together. We are a very family oriented church.

We would like to be prayed for that we can continue serving this resort community and that we can grow in Christ.





Week 10 | September 30 - October 6

“Embracing the Call” is the theme for the 2018 Reconciliation Offering to be received in Disciples congregations September 30th and Oct. 7th. Drawing on the text from Micah 6:8, we are reminded that God calls us to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.” The Reconciliation offering is used to “fund our Church’s mission imperative to become an pro-reconciling and anti-racist church utilizing experiential education, inclusive worship and intentional dialogue. Our efforts to promote healing, relationship and restoration in the whole family of God are enlivened by funds from this offering. Through it we are able to provide programs for leadership development, curriculum for dialogue and learning, and partnerships within the Church and our communities.” (from the Mission statement found on the Reconciliation website:

In the Northwest and Montana regions, Reconciliation grant dollars will be used to help offset the cost of hosting two Winter Talks in 2019. Look for more information about these important opportunities to hear and learn from our Native American sisters in Yakima and at Cane Ridge West.

This week our Regional Prayer Calendar focus centers on the Reconciliation Offering. Please be in prayer both for those who will give to this important offering, and for the ways these gifts will be used to address issues of racism, both individual and systemic, in our church, communities, and world.

Week 9 | September 23 - 29

First Christian Church - Bremerton, WA

811 Veneta Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98337
Rev. Clint Collins, Pastor

Founded Nov. 19, 1919
We're preparing to celebrate 100 years of ministry in Bremerton and are excited to discern God's vision for another hundred years of sharing good news on the Kitsap Peninsula!

We're recovering from some minor flooding in our basement, so please pray that we find the patience to endure the long process of restoration and the vision to take advantage of this opportunity to try something different.








Week 8 | September 16 - 22

Grand Avenue Christian - Bozeman, MT
110 S. Grand Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
Rev. Dr. Ed Combs, Pastor

Formed in 1889, the Downtown Bozeman Church serves as host congregation to Yellowstone Theological Institute, a graduate theological Seminary in formation.


Please pray that Grand Avenue Church would be faithful to God’s Call.





Week 7 | September 9-15

Seeker's Harbor Faith Community, Billings, MT
PO Box 51055
Billings, Montana 59105
Becky Taylor, Pastor
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Seeker's Harbor Faith Community is a network of small groups who focus on reaching out to those alienated from church, creating safe space and journeying together. We encourage, equip, and empower individuals to discover and share their unique ministry in their communities and beyond.




We ask for prayers for:

  • The women at the Montana Women's Prison in Billings, MT (especially those who attend our group there).
  • Those who participate in our HIV+ group
  • The Spread the Word 406 group that feeds the homeless in Billings
  • New groups developing in other towns

Week 6 | September 2-8

Common Table Retreat, Rathdrum, Idaho

The Common Table of the Montana and Northwest Regions will be meeting in retreat, Sept 7-8th in Rathdrum/Coeur d'Alene Idaho. With more than 50 people gathered from all around the Northwest and Montana regions, participants will help give, voice, shape, direction and design for this new region affirmed by both regions. They will move forward decisions and plans that will bring new partnerships, opportunities and relationships for Disciples and their congregations throughout the Northwest, Montana and beyond. 

We invite your prayers for the relationships that will be formed in this time, the vision that will be more clearly seen, the designs, plans and decisions that will be made, and especially for the mission and ministry that will rise from this new region.


Week 5 | August 26- September 1

Rev. Dr. Ruth Fletcher

This week we are invited to pray for Rev. Dr. Ruth Fletcher as she completes her 16 year tenure as Regional Minister for the Christian Church in Montana and begins retirement on September 1.

We give thanks for her ministry among the Montana congregations, and her prior years serving in the Northwest Region, and for all of the lives she has touched along the way, and for her husband, Ron Greene, and the gifts they offer together.

We pray for love, joy, new challenges and new possibilities in retirement as Ruth moves into the next phase of life's journey and give thanks in anticipation for the ways God will continue to use her to bless the whole church. 






Week 4 August 19-25

Central Christian Church, Billings, MT

1221 16th Street W
Billings, Montana 59102

Rev. Doug Garner, Pastor






Founded in 1955

Central Christian provides 3500 volunteer hours per year to various projects around the city of Billings. From providing food, to folding luminaries, to adopting the local elementary school, they provide food for back-pack meals, winter clothing for children in need and school supplies for back-to-school.

Central Christian delivers holiday meals to homebound seniors and provides home starter boxes to victims of domestic abuse that are making a new start in their lives. They also make meeting and learning space available, to non-profit organizations in their community. Central Christian functions far beyond its numerical size.

Please pray that they are able to grow our local mission.

Week 3: August 12-18

First Christian Church, Bellingham, WA

495 East Bakerview Rd

Bellingham, Washington 98226

Rev. Gary Shoemaker, Pastor
Rev. Tamalyn Kralman, Associate Pastor




Founded in 1985, Bellingham First Christian Church is in the upper northwest corner of Washington on the shores of the Salish Sea.

The congregation is very active in local outreach efforts. They house a Day Center for homeless children and their families. They have a community meal for homeless and working poor and host a garden and support program for the children of migrant workers through Community to Community and the Food Justice Program.

Currently, First Christian, Bellingham is working with a local non-profit to build a 54 unit apartment complex for extremely low income (including homeless folks). 

Please pray that they might continue to find new ways to walk in the way of Jesus.


Week 2: August 5-11

First Christian Church, Anchorage, AK

3031 Latouche Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99580
Senior Pastor Paul Boling
Associate Pastor Dave Boling


First Christian Church of Anchorage serves their community in a variety of ways. The congregation has a strong relationship with Alaska Child and Family and also supports the Foot Wound Clinic at Anchorage Central Lutheran Church among other interests. Please continue to keep this congregation and especially its ministers, David and Paul Boling, as they grieve the recent loss of their father, Rev. Benny Boling. 







Week 1: August 1-4

United Christian Church on Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, WA

300 W 1st St
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Pastor Jeff Johnson

United Christian on Grays Harbor serves the homeless in their area. Please pray for their mission to others and for an increase in church attendance so they may continue to serve.


(A PDF of the complete schedule is attached below, but it is subject to change without notice.)

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