Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage November 2017


Sandy Messick, Regional Minister

I saw a video awhile back that has stayed with me, “Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion.”

The video is of a little girl named Hannah playing in front of her home when one of her friends walks past all dressed in white lace finery. “It’s the best day ever,” says the friend, “Today is my first communion.” “What’s so great about that?” asks Hannah.  “Well, you get presents and get to dress like a princess and later we will have a party.”

Northwest Passage October 2017

Reflections on the Journey…

Sandy Messick, Regional Minister

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Have you said “thank you” to your pastor lately? As I move throughout the region I am always aware and repeatedly reminded of the wonderful colleagues with whom I get to share this journey. It seems good and right to say thank you to and for these faithful servants:

Northwest Passage May 2017


Sandy Messick, Regional Minister

I’m back! After eight weeks recovery from surgery I am back at work with almost no limitations. I will be easing back into the travel schedule and am grateful for your prayers and your patience and the many who stepped in to offer support and care to pastors and congregations in my absence.


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