Commission on Ministry- Clergy Healthy Boundaries Training

All active clergy, both ordained and commissioned, are required to complete six hours of healthy boundary training for clergy every three years.

If a commissioned or ordained minister with standing does not complete this training as required, their commissioning/standing will be removed, not for cause, until he/she completes the training.

In-care seminary students wishing to be ordained, and ministers seeking commissioning are required to complete the training prior to their final interview with the Commission as a requirement for ordination or commissioning.

If a minister transfers from another region and has completed an approved boundary training within the past 3 years in another region, that training will fulfill this requirement. She/he will then be required to repeat the training every three years following. If the minister transferring in has not completed an approved boundary training within the past three years, the minister is required to complete the training within two years of transferring standing and every three years thereafter.

An alternative to the NWRCC-sponsored training course is for a minister to take the training offered by a member of Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC). The Commission on Ministry will be the final arbiter on the acceptability of a non-NWRCC training course.

Retired ministers who wish to function in any ministerial capacity are required to participate in this training. Inactive retired ministers are not required to take Healthy Boundary training. However, if an inactive retired pastor wishes to resume ministry, he/she must complete an approved Healthy Boundary training within 1 year of returning to active ministry status, and every three years for as long as he/she remains in active ministry.

Approved by Commission on Ministry, June 29, 2013 Approved by Executive Committee of Regional Board, November 2, 2013.


Clergy Healthy Boundaries Training Events Hosted by the NWRCC

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