Thrive event presented by DCEF/HOPE partnership

<p><b>THRIVE…4 Questions that leaders of Thriving Churches must ask!<u></u><u></u></b></p><p><u></u>&nbsp;<u></u></p><p><i>Most churches spend lots of time and even money asking the 2 worst questions leaders can ask: 1)How do we get more members for our church? And 2)How do we get more money?<u></u><u></u></i></p><p><i><u></u>&nbsp;<u></u></i></p><i>Leaders of Thriving Churches have discovered that asking better questions leads to better ministry and mission.&nbsp; If you change your questions, you can change your church.&nbsp; The Disciples Church Extension Fund and Hope Partnership are inviting your church leaders to a workshop on 4 Questions Thriving Leaders ask.&nbsp; This workshop will challenge your thinking about the church’s mission and how it fulfills it.</i><br><br>Optional lunch provided for those who wish to continue the conversation.

This event has a Google Hangouts video call.


Lake Washington Christian Church (to be confirmed)