Mission & Ministry: Our Work

The mission and ministry, the work, of the Northwest Regional Christian Church is based on seven Focus Areas. These Focus Areas shape the day-to-day operation of our region and help develop and grow the programs we offer. See what guides us and then explore the individual programs we use to reach out in our mission and ministry.

Build True Community

We foster intentional relationships grounded in the love of Christ in all aspects of Regional life: between individuals, congregations, ecumenical and interfaith partners.

Equip & Shape - Leadership Development

Through our life together we support our congregations in the development and celebration of a faith-filled, collective life through holistic faith formation for children, youth, and adults; recognize and encourage spiritual gifts; facilitate sharing of resources between congregations; encourage habits and practices that lead to congregational transformation; develop innovative leadership; and nurture vital clergy.

Mission and Sending

As a Region we seek to support individuals and congregations in intentional acts of justice and mercy in their communities and around the world, speaking truth to power through education, witness, stewardship, advocacy and action.

Embrace Diversity

Diversity is a gift from God that must be nurtured, cherished, and encouraged, as God’s truth is usually too much for any one of us alone. We commit ourselves to the work of healing and reconciling our brokenness and the wounds of the past. In light of our oneness in Christ, we commit to be open, receptive and inclusive of all people, recognizing that we as individuals and together as a regional church will be transformed by our relationships with one another.

Grow Our Faith Communities

In our life together we desire to nurture and celebrate a culture of openness to new patterns of behavior and thinking as we support existing congregations and nurture new congregations for ministry into the evolving future of God’s church.

Embodiment - How We Support Regional Work

In the embodiment of our core values, that is, when we live them out on a day to day basis, we provide the foundation for Regional work. That foundation includes caring for one another in the way that God would have us do, while promoting a culture of innovation, community, kindness, connectedness, and celebration. These following areas are the “bones” around which our mission forms.

Structure: Building Connections; Making Decisions; Planning & Evaluating Regional Life

Form follows function. Organizational structure follows purpose, vision, and call. The structural form offered here has been developed to help empower, strengthen and bless the people, activities and ministries within the NWRCC. It is our earnest prayer that this structure will be invitational, dynamic, faithful, accountable and accessible, both in design and in practice. In that regard, it is critical to remember that with each component of the structure, it is crucial to give intentional attention to inviting those who are often not invited.