NWRCC Grant Requirements and Guidelines

General Guidelines

The Northwest Regional Christian Church currently offers three categories of grants to congregations to support their ministry: Transformation, Disciples Together, and Reconciliation. The specific grants are described below.  The application process is the same regardless of the grant requested, though each grant may have specific criteria for approval.

Grant requests are considered at each regular meeting of the Regional Board or Executive Committee and must be received at least two weeks prior to the meeting in which it will be considered. This is to allow time for grant requests to be reviewed and approved by other Ministry Teams as needed prior to being presented to the Regional Board/Executive Committee. Currently, the Regional Board meets 3x/year as scheduled and the Executive Committee meets on the 4th Monday of odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, November) except in months where the Regional Board is scheduled to meet. Scheduled meetings are posted on the regional website calendar. Emergency grants may be considered on a case by case basis. Contact the Regional Minister for more information.

Normally, grants will be limited to $1000/project or request.  Under most circumstances, a congregation will receive only one grant/year. Congregations that receive grants will be expected to report back to the Regional Board after initiating the project to share insights, learnings, and successes. All grant requests may have multiple sponsors and/or be ecumenical or interfaith in nature, but must be initiated by at least one Disciples of Christ congregation within the Northwest Region.

Criteria for Awarding Grants

Individual grant requirements are described below.  Priority will be given to applications that meet most of these criteria:

  • How this project/proposal helps fulfill the NWRCC Vision/Mission statement and/or helps us live into our regional Mission Plan or Bi-annual Focus. (can be found at
  • How this project/proposal helps the congregation(s) move in new directions for ministry.
  • How this project positively impacts the greater community (locally or globally)
  • How engaged is the requesting congregation  in supporting the NWRCC and wider church (i.e. support of Disciples Mission Fund, financial support to the region, participation in regional events and programs)

Grants that address more than one of the above points are more likely to be funded.

Transformation Grants are funded by monies approved by the Regional Board out of designated Transformation Funds. $15,000 was approved for grants of up to $1000 each to support congregations in their endeavors to be congregations equipped to do ministry in the 21st Century.  Priority is given to projects that encourage the congregation to reach out in new ways and try new things, particularly as they impact the congregation’s neighborhood or community. Grants will not be given for clergy/lay continuing education.

Disciples Together Grants are funded by monies approved by the Regional Board out of designated Transformation Funds. $15,000 was approved for grants of up to $1000 each to support two or more Disciples congregations who wish to engage in a shared ministry or project within their community. Priority is given to projects that encourage communication and relationship building between congregations and between congregations and their communities.

Reconciliation Grants are funded by monies received from the Reconciliation Offering. Priority is given to projects that contribute towards eliminating racism, empowering racially marginalized communities, or fostering multiracial communication.


Application Process

To apply for a Regional Grant, please provide the following information in a written document (either .doc or .pdf). Email or mail to the NWRCC Regional Office, directed to the Regional Minister, Sandy Messick:
PO Box 23819
Federal Way, WA 98093

  1. Name, address and contact information of congregation(s) applying for grant. Include the name of the pastor and at least one lay leader within the congregation.
  2. Identify the specific grant being requested (Transformation, Disciples Together, or Reconciliation)
  3. Indicate whether or not you have received a NWRCC Regional Grant in the past. If yes, when, how much, and for what project?
  4. Provide a detailed description of the project/program for which you are requesting funding. Please include:
    • A description of the project
    • A brief history of how it came about
    • An outline of who will be involved both in carrying out and benefiting from it
    • Specifically, how it meets the criteria listed above (i.e. helps the region live into it’s Vision/Mission, encourages the congregation to step out in new ways, how it will positively impact the community.
    • Specifically, how it meets the guidelines for the particular grant requested (Transformation, Disciples Together or Reconciliation)
    • A description of how the project will be funded, apart from monies received from the grant and how it will continue after grant monies are spent
    • A description of how success will be defined and measured.
  5. Provide a short statement of the ways the congregation(s) is/are engaged in and supportive of the ministries of the NWRCC and the wider church including financial support and participation.
  6. Include at least one letter of reference from members of the congregation or community who will be involved with or benefiting from this program/project.